August 9, 2020
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An Amazing Act of Kindness by A Group of Young Children

Children Playing

February 4th

Today, we’re sharing a story that was told to us about an act of kindness that was done by a group of young children. A few days ago, Chase was playing outside with a couple of other young kids. For the most part, they were all having a lot of fun. There was one exception. Chase noticed that one of the kids seemed to be sad or upset about something. While all the other kids continued with the game they were playing, Chase approached the other boy and asked him what was wrong. The little boy said he was sad because he didn’t think the other kids wanted him to play, which actually wasn’t the case at all. So Chase and the other kids all told him that they indeed did want him to play with them and they all agreed to play a game of his choice next. What an amazing story!

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