March 28, 2020
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#SmallActsofKindness2020 Day 26!

basketball hoop

January 26th

Today is #SmallActsofKindness2020 day 26!

We are sharing an act of kindness that was shared with us from Oklahoma. Aubrey told us about her neighbor, Miss Annette, and things she does for the kids that live in the neighborhood. During the summer, when the ice cream truck comes around, she buys ice cream and treats for every kid that’s outside playing at the time. She volunteers her time, vehicle, and gas to drive kids back and forth to church programs and other extracurricular activities. A couple of summers ago, she bought not one, but two basketball hoops and had them set up in the empty lot next to her house. She says anyone and everyone is welcome to play on the court anytime they want. Now, there’s usually a minimum of 5-10 kids playing on the court during the summer.

This is an incredible story of one’s selflessness being used to better the lives of others. Now the kids in her area have something positive to invest their time in. More of them even attend church because of Miss Annette’s kindness. As someone who has a goal/dream of creating a program for youths in my hometown area, this story really touched my heart, and I think it will touch yours also.

Remember, you can visit anytime and share an act of kindness with us. Whether it’s an act of kindness you did, someone did for you, or even an act of kindness that you witnessed happening, tell us about it.

SmallActsofKindness2020 #BeKind #2020

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