September 19, 2020
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This Act of Kindness is A Great Story of Neighborly Love

Hot Temp/Broken AC

February 5th

Today’s act of kindness was shared with us about a neighbor helping out another neighbor. This person told us about an incident that took place over the summer. Her central air conditioning quit working in the middle of July, in Texas, where it’s quite normal for summer temperatures to reach the high 90’s with very high humidity. At the time, paying to have the whole unit replaced was just not in her budget. She found out one of her neighbors was trained and certified in HVAC so she asked him about the possibilities of repairing the unit instead of replacing it. He came over to her house to take a look at it the next day. After investigating, he discovered that the unit didn’t need to be replaced at all but instead, it was a very simple and cheap fix. He even had a spare part that was needed to fix it. He went home to get the part, came back and had the unit fixed in about 15 minutes. On top of that, he refused to take the money that was offered to him for his help or for the part he used to fix it. He did take a glass of lemonade though. This is a great story about neighborly love. Share your story about an act of kindness you have done, or someone has done for you at .

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