September 19, 2020
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This is An Amazing Story of People Coming Together And Uniting to Help A Family in A Time of Need

Donation Drive

February 10th

Today’s #SmallActsofKindness2020 was told to us by a viewer from Alabama who wanted to remain anonymous, but we will just call Debbie. She told us about an act of kindness she and a few others did during the summertime for a family that she has known for a long time. This family had recently gone through the tragedy of their home being burned down along with most of their possessions. They had almost nothing besides the clothes on their backs. After learning about the family’s situation, Debbie and a couple of members from her church organized a church rummage/bake sale to raise money for a hotel for the family to stay in until they could find a new permanent home. They also held a donation drive where people donated various items from clothing and hygiene products to food and gift cards, and so much more. They were able to raise enough money for the family that they were able to cover the security deposit and the first few month’s rent on a new house. They never expected to have the results they did. This is an amazing story or people pulling together to help a family in a time of need.

Tell us about an act of kindness you’ve done for someone or someone has done for you at

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