August 10, 2020
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Today’s Act of Kindness is Truly An Amazing Story!

wrecked car

Today is #SmallActsofKindness2020 day 31!

Today’s act of kindness definitely isn’t small but is an absolutely amazing story of bravery and selflessness. It was shared by one of our team members, Taralyn. She explained how one day while she was driving she started to hear screaming. As she got farther down the road, she saw a wrecked vehicle on the side of the road and pulled over. There were two scared children inside the vehicle, which was severely damaged. She put the kids in her car while she called 911 and waited for the EMT’s and police. She still keeps in touch with the family to this day and they are all doing much better now. Who knows what would have happened, or how long it would have taken for them to get help if it wasn’t for her not only driving by but also stopping to help and knowing how to react in that situation She just says she hopes someone would do the same for her or her children if they were in trouble. Such an incredible story!

SmallActsofKindness2020 #BeKind #2020

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