March 28, 2020
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Who Did This Act of Kindness? It Remains Unknown

Shoveling Snow

January 27th

It’s #SmallActsofKindness2020 day 27!

Today’s act of kindness was shared with us from Ohio. The person who did this act of kindness actually remains unknown. Ohio winters usually come with a lot of snow. Often times, enough snow to block your vehicle in the driveway. Anyone who’s ever had to shovel snow knows that it’s not the most fun thing to do, especially shoveling a whole driveway. That’s why Stacy was completely surprised the other morning when she woke up early for work, giving herself time to shovel the snow out of her driveway and leave early enough to still be on time to work. She got bundled up and walked her front door to find that someone had already shoveled her entire driveway and sidewalk for her. She was even more surprised because she has no idea who it was. All of her neighbors’ driveways were still covered in snow and hadn’t been shoveled or cleared at all. It’s been about a week and she still hasn’t found out who did this awesome act of kindness for her.

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