August 10, 2020
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You Never Know How Big Your Small Act Of Kindness Is To The Receiver

Bottled Water

Today, we’re sharing an act of kindness that one of our team members told us about. Like yesterday’s act of kindness, this one involves helping the homeless. Samantha told us about her trip to the store the other day. While walking in, she noticed a man who was visibly dehydrated with a sign asking for help with food. She hates seeing people go hungry and always tries to help whenever she can. So while she was in the store she added a 12 pack of water, a pack of ham, and a loaf of bread to her order. After exiting the store, she approached the man and gave him the items she purchased for him. The man was very thankful and appreciative. It’s hard to say how long it had been since he had a drink of fresh water or anything to eat. But thanks to Samantha, he was able to eat that day. You never know what someone has gone through or the events that put them in an unfortunate situation such as being homeless. Remember, sometimes bad things can happen to good people so next time you see someone in need of some help, do what you can to brighten their day. The smallest acts of kindness are sometimes the ones that have the biggest impact on someone. Tell us about an act of kindness that you’ve done for someone or someone has done for you at

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